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Find currency for your next trip from fellow travellers.

How it works

1. Seller Posts

Amount of foreign currency to sell and desired rate.

2. Buyer Offers

Buyer offers a rate and desired amount.

3. Seller Accepts

Seller accepts the offer from the buyer.

4. Transact

Buyer and seller meet up to transact.

What we do

Sharevellers is a social network, not a money changer. We aspire to connect people who love to travel, sharing resources to make travelling cheaper and more efficient.

Like you, we too are globetrotters who understand the pains of travelling – when the cost of air/train tickets, accomodation and living expenses are already factors inhibiting frequent travelling, why should we unnecessarily lose money through currency exchange, even before we start on our travels?

Together, we can make travelling cost-effective, and you can focus on seeing the world while we handle the rest.

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Why choose Sharevellers?

Better Rates

Changing your foreign currency back to SGD almost always results in a loss.

Why not offer it at a better rate to someone who may be queuing up behind you at the money changer – a fellow traveller who needs the currency?

Find Buyers

Own a business overseas and have ongoing foreign currency?

Sharevellers allows you the avenue to convert it back to local currency with other prospective travellers at the best rates.


Not sure how much foreign currency you need for your upcoming trip?

Go ahead and exchange more, and change it back when you get home since losses are minimised with Sharevellers.

No Currency Hoarding

To avoid losses to money changers, some prefer to keep stacks of remaining foreign currency at home for possible future trips.

With Sharevellers, you can finally exchange it back to local currency and spend it on things that matter more.

Avoid Queues

Popular money changers with the best rates are usually packed with people.

With Sharevellers, it’s a one-to-one transaction – do it anytime anywhere that suits both your schedule.

Sounds good?

Get better rates for foreign currency and save time by not queueing at crowded money changers.

Start by browsing our currency listings here on Sharevellers, or creating an account to list currency to sell!